Before we begin our deep dive into how data science is changing the world, review data science applications and get acquainted with data-centric industries, let’s make sure we are firm on what data science actually is. First things first, data science is not a standalone industry but involves an overlap of three other disciplines — math and statistics, computer science and business knowledge.

Data science works in several steps that initiate by extracting required data, continues with data analysis and data processing, and finalizes with drawing insights from our data. The purpose of data science is to find different type patterns within blocks of information we just fed to it. …

We’ve all been there. You’re designing a web page for an ecommerce store or some new slides for a mobile application and then — boom — not sure how to proceed further. Will dog-lovers appreciate these tiny little paws at the front page or will they straight-up hate them? Is it clear we’re selling an AI-generated music app or do we need a brand new in-your-face banner?

No way to find out what future users will think without asking them. That’s why we’ve created a previous article on the Top 15 CRO and UX tools to Get User Feedback on your existing page and a new article you’re reading right now which pinpoints the top 15 Tools to Get Design Feedback for a Web page or Application as you’re still developing it. …

Let’s settle this Google Analytics dimension VS metric debate — once and for all. What is the difference between metric and dimension in Google Analytics, what is a “dimension” in Google Analytics, and incontestably — what is a “metric”?

Which dimensions are present by default and which can be added as secondary, which metric types exist and how are these terms related. Let’s find out in our new article!

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Difference Between a Dimension and a Metric in Google Analytics

So, where do you usually meet both dimensions and metrics in Google Analytics? …



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