Adjust vs Appsflyer: Choosing a Platform for Mobile App Tracking and Attribution

Mobile attribution tracking — the hottest topic on the app marketing market of today. Throughout hundreds of mobile attribution platforms in existence, we chose two most advanced, user-friendly and beloved by public — Adjust and Appsflyer.

So how do you choose which one is the best fit for your business? To help make your decision easier, we created this comparison article. Let’s find out which mobile tracking software suits you better!


What is mobile attribution tracking?

Mobile attribution tracking — what is it? Mobile attribution is the process of discovering where did your app users come from and the conversion actions they made prior to becoming your customers. Well, this information should be available with the popular mobile app analytics platforms like Apple or Google, right?

Not really.

Unfortunately, they do not offer any insights on what happens before these viewers become your customers and who these awesome people who share a great taste in apps actually are. This is why we have additional sources of information aimed to connect those dots called mobile attribution tracking platforms.

Find it hard to make the right choice? Contact the InsightWhale team of specialists, and we’ll help you choose the mobile attribution platform made specifically for your mobile needs 🙂

Why is mobile attribution tracking important?

To illustrate why mobile attribution tracking is important, let’s look at a quick example. Say, you have a great mobile app and you’d like to receive new customers (obviously). And one of the greatest ways to do so is to start a mobile app advertising campaign. So you start one (obviously).

You create one Facebook campaign for a young demographic and one — for a more accomplished, mature one. Then two other Twitter campaigns, one — with bright exotic ad content colours, and the second one created with a muted, minimalistic approach. Then, of course, you order some guest posting articles, and to top it off — some third party in-app ads.

Now, in this whole twirl of different demographics, interests, age groups, and mobile advertising campaigns, how do you find out which ones are successful? How do you determine what works for your app and what doesn’t without seeing the statistics behind the ads?


Nohow. There is no way to perform any mobile attribution tracking without a specialized mobile app tracking platform as of yet. This is why we will keep our awesome article on reviewing their two most popular representatives — Adjust and Appsflyer — going 😉

Adjust vs Appsflyer

Mobile app tracking tools are each unique in their setup, functions, limits and capabilities. Through these are not designed to analyze deep users’ behaviour, it is possible to analyze key events coming from marketing channels, including cohorts, LTV, installs, clicks and much more.

This underlying Adjust vs Appsflyer visual dispute discloses all the info you need to know in the convenient form of the comparison table.

AppsFlyer Review


Appsflyer Price Plans
Example of AppsFlyer dashboard

Appsflyer Features

Appsflyer is a famous mobile attribution platform, and it got its popularity not without a reason. First of all, it syncs data across thousands of natively-integrated leading ad networks, and does so in real-time! Appsflyer mobile tracking software enables universal deep linking, fingerprinting and secure post-backs, mostly used in gaming, travel, retail, and B2C businesses.

Its main goal and the best-selling feature is linking mobile installs to online marketing campaigns, especially if you are a medium to a large-sized enterprise earning at least $1M a year.

Adjust Review

To begin a conversation about Adjust mobile app tracking, we’ll state something quite amazing — according to mobile tracking experts, it takes only about 5 minutes to integrate the Adjust SDK. 5 minutes! Only 300 short seconds before you receive insights on your sessions evaluation, app conversion tracking, and some standard KPIs.

Now, let’s talk about price.


Adjust Price Plans

As you can see, there are three Adjust mobile attribution default plans:

  • Basic
  • Business
  • Custom

According to Adjust mobile app tracking platform, it’s pricing is based on install volume and the number of requested features. And although you can see what comes into the packages you plan on picking, you can not see the pricing on any of the Adjust plans.

Adjust Features

Adjust mobile tracking has a large number of mobile tracking solutions, among which is an impressive feature — Adust integrates with over 1,000 advertising partners! You can receive their services and support in 21 languages, across 11 countries, which are best suited for mostly small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and startups.

The main objective of this mobile tracking software is to connect each user to the ads they interact with and prevent possible fraud. It will be perfect for travel, gaming, music, finance, and ecommerce industries requesting relatively low volumes.


Choosing a mobile attribution platform can seem quite complex at first, but once you dive deeper into their specialities it becomes easier to pick the one that suits perfectly.

As you noticed from this Adjust vs Appsflyer article, the Adjust mobile attribution platform is more suitable for a small to medium-sized businesses with smaller mobile app attribution needs and therefore — smaller budgets, while Appsflyer is a good fit for large enterprises looking to monitor a loo-oot of app tracking analytics with big budgets and needs.

If you are still not sure which app conversion tracking solution to choose, there are also Appsflyer and Adjust mobile attribution alternatives, such as Kochava, Tenjin and Tune.

So don’t spend your precious time trying to choose the best solution by yourself, and let Mobile CRO and App Analytics specialists (that’s us) find the best solution for you 😉

Originally published at on October 11, 2019.

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