How to Integrate Google Analytics tracking with Mailchimp?

How to Integrate Google Analytics tracking with Mailchimp

The bad news is, Mailchimp Google Analytics integration is not a streamlined process and will divide into a number of categories. The good news is, it’s all pretty easy, especially with our awesome step-by-step guide.

Mailchimp and Google Analytics authorization

Mailchimp Google Analytics integration starts with authorizing their connection. Almost if we were crowning Mailchimp and Google Analytics integration before bringing wedding to the official courthouse.

Mailchimp email campaign and Google Analytics tracking

To enable Google Analytics tracking for a typical Mailchimp email campaign, start by creating a new regular email campaign, which you can do by following a link here. After you are done, go to Campaign Builder > Settings & Tracking > ☑Google Analytics link tracking > Save.

Create different Mailchimp titles for automation series

Why would we do that, you’d ask. Well, because without implementing this step, all your emails in an automation series in your Google Analytics account will have the exact same title. Bunkers, right?

Google Analytics tracking and Mailchimp automated workflow

Mailchimp Google Analytics tracking sounds like a serious business. It’s not. To make it happen all you have to do is go to your automation > Emails > Edit Settings > ☑Google Analytics link tracking > Update Settings.

Google Analytics tracking and Mailchimp A/B testing

Mailchimp Google Analytics goal tracking can set up super-easily (yep, that’s a word now). All you have to do is create a new A/B Testing Campaign, by following the instructions under the link here, then go to your automation > Setup > Tracking > ☑Google Analytics link tracking. Almost done!

View Google Analytics tracking and Mailchimp A/B testing

Mailchimp Google Analytics integration ends with one final step — viewing all of your collected statistics. They will be displayed in both your Google Analytics account and in your Mailchimp campaign report under the Analytics360 section. To access is, go to your Mailchimp account > Reports > View report > Analytics360


Yay! You’ve connected Google Analytics to Mailchimp — that is quite awesome. Now you can view your company’s data with ease between two of your data analytics platforms.



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